But it has become extremely stale for Cheap Fifa 17 Coins me and the grind is getting larger and larger every year.It is very apparent that the game revolves around gold packs, and essentially spending real money on them. Gambling real money for players that mean nothing. The odds are always against you, and this is where I begin with how I have a problem with this mode.EA do not reward you, and instead stick the knife in your back several times in this mode. The reward is so poor for actually achieving things in the mode, and it has been like this for years and it is no different this year,


If anything worse.Winning tournaments, winning leagues, winning matches, pays out so poorly. Players are too expensive, they expect you to grind out 1000s of matches to get the top players… or spend FIFA points with real money to gamble away your money on getting useless players to you 90% of the time. Winning events can reward you with gold packs, for you only to get nothing.FUT Draft is a gimmicky joke of a feature within the mode. Here you get to pick a superstar dream team of all the best players, I had Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo in my team.


Then if you win 4 matches in a Buy Fifa 17 Coins row (essentially a glorified disguised knockout tournament) you win gold packs! Yes you do all that.. for gold packs.. you spend a good hour grinding it out to get 2 measly gold packs to.. you guessed it.. get nothing. It gets better, the first time is free entry. Afterwards it costs 15000 coins or 300 fifa points. Yes as steep as that. Where in the world is the logic in that?