Forget a new season awaiting us. We Cheap Fifa 17 Coins are talking about a whole new era of football!Improvements:-If Player loses connection to EA Servers after 50+ Minute and winning by more than two goals they will no longer receive a loss.-If Player wins by 5 goals Online: +2000 fifa 15 coins bonus Offline Minimum Difficulty Semi-Pro: +500 Bonus.-Price Cap ranges have a larger range too prevent not selling EX: Inform Jeremy Menez 85 MIN:100,000 MAX:300,000-If player doesnmy;t sell after being listed for 5 times and is a Inform, Tots, MOTM, IMOTM, ETC or 84+Regular card it can be discarded for his minimum range EX: Inform Dani Alves 84 discarded for.


Fixed issue where players would not receive prize for winning tournaments.This was caused because after extra-time the game used to save the result in the database as a draw instead of a win.-Fixed issue when players would not be able to play a tournament due to any error saying why;There was an error creating youmy;re game sessionwhy; Players can choose to forfeit the tournament or go to the help section with tournaments and press the option to have the.


Game recognize what part of the Buy Fifa 17 Coins tournament you are in and resets the tournament and puts you in the part you were in.-Fixed problem where season points were not given by looking at the player recent games played.-Fixed Issue where players would get relegated before all the season games were played by evaluating the players points before getting relegated or promoted and if the sector they are in does not fall in between the zones for both of those.