So to get this out of the way I only EVER play Seasons mode and only ever as Celtic on the FIFA 15 PS4.So, Imy;d just like to say that, for me, FIFA 15 is the best FIFA game ever. Why?Presentation, menus etc:It gets it right. Simple and intuitive. It allows you setup and save your team. You donmy;t need to why;re-pickwhy; your squed when the servers decide to re-set everything back to the vanilla squad. And the automatic search for your next game is perfect. The ability to set up tactics and specific role is pretty easy too. Plus you can still get your highlights when someone disconnects, which is great.


The Stadium, the pitch, the FIFA 15 Cheap Fifa 17 Coins playersThe crowd look great mostly a some duplicates as you would expect are and sound excellent. The roar you get when you score can take the roof off on occasion. would be good to see emptier stadiums now and again, depending on your season status. The pitch looks great too - individual blades of grass!! The players move brilliantly although I think the why;copy and pastewhy; version of the players are still pretty poor - and the why;musclywhy; version of the players simply look ridiculous. Close up my;s clear the player modelling.


Could take a leaf out of PESmy;s book a Buy Fifa 17 Coins however during play they look better than PES which is all that REALLY matters. are The rain, always annoying in previous versions when you had to play in it, looks FANTASTIC and is a joy to play in.The gameplayGameplay is very smooth and my;s clear the team have worked very hard at all the animations and how they transition from one to another, really top quality stuff. the ball physics are superb with a high range of passing and shot types available.