The lighting and weather also looks Cheap Fifa 17 Coin pretty nice, however no dynamic lighting or true dynamic weather is in the game still, although it really seems like this year has all the weather and time of day options set up for it, so I am fully expecting the next FIFA to have this.I am a big fan of little aesthetic attentions to detail, it adds so much more authenticity and believability. FIFA of recent years are starting to get it right. Having all the premier league stadiums is an amazing achievement to have in a football game and a dream come true,


Gone are the days of having to assign generic stadiums to premier league teams imagining thatsport;s their ground, which by the way, FIFA also has a huge variety of generic stadiums to pick from that are assigned to the huge roster of teams, to those teams not fortunate enough to have their ground in the game. The stadiums also now look to have the correct distance from the stadium to pitch, and I also think itsport;s really cool how the advertisement boards are electronic.


And dynamically change like in real Buy Fifa 17 Coins football but are also actual real advertisements from what you see from that stadium in real football. For example White Hart Lane will advertise the website or twitter etc. Whilst Crystal Palace will advertise their shirt sponsor Mansion, etc. Itsport;s little touches like this that really charm me in terms of the presentation of the game.